A different type of portrait

I recently had the pleasure of photographing these twins a few days after their first birthday. Throughout the experience I was looking for a different type of portrait away from the conventional. The session was great fun and the twins were full of energy. I loved capturing the differences in the twins personalities and Mum and Dad had a difficult decision when it came to

A girl and her dog

This young girl and her dog came in to our Thame studio for a portrait experience recently. I think the images show exactly how much love she has for her dog. What a wonderful image to display on the walls of the family home. If you'd like to record the love for your dog and have your own portrait experience, then simply contact us here.

Four fantastic friends and their dog

I want to show you these awesome images from a recent session. One of the first things I ask at the start of a portrait experience is if there are any particular combinations of people or moments that you want me to capture? This group of friends said that they would really love an image of all four of them and the dog together, so I made sure to

Fun Noir images

These two came in recently for a portrait experience with their mum and had great fun. As well as taking images against white and grey backgrounds, most portrait experiences finish with some noir images. It is one of these noir images, that their mum chose at the viewing session. I think it's a great choice of image and it's going to look fantastic framed.  

Recent Family Session

A couple of weeks ago this awesome family came into the studio for their first portrait experience.   The children brought so much to the session. Knights costumes, shields and swords as well as superhero costumes (Spiderman & Iron Man to be precise).   Mum and Dad were pretty awesome too and knew exactly what they wanted. Number one on the list was a nice

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