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A portrait of Thame… Thame Round Table

Welcome to the latest in our series A portrait of Thame... Thame Round Table For this series, trying to find a convenient date when both the Thame Round Table were meeting and I was free took a few weeks. However, eventually we managed to arrange a time and date that suited all. On that date the Round Table were fielding a rounders team against MeetingZone at

A portrait of Thame… Thame Round Table2017-05-20T12:35:40+00:00

A portrait of Thame… Thame Ladies FC’s Manager

Welcome to another in the series of A Portrait of Thame where this time I had the pleasure of photographing Kayleigh the manager of Thame Ladies FC. Our first meeting was scheduled for the day of a game, but unfortunately the other side were unable to field a team and it seemed pointless both of us travelling to Meadow View Park for the photo shoot

A portrait of Thame… Thame Ladies FC’s Manager2016-12-16T09:52:27+00:00

A portrait of Thame… Newitts of Thame

Welcome to the second in the series of A portrait of Thame where this time I visited the awesome high street butchers Newitts of Thame. This behind the scenes look at how the the portrait was taken accompanies the article on the Thame Hub website. Newitts of Thame is conveniently located in the High Street close to the town hall and is easily the stand

A portrait of Thame… Newitts of Thame2016-12-15T22:08:09+00:00

A portrait of Thame…. Thame Music Academy

Welcome to the first in a new series titled ‘A portrait of Thame’. In this series I will be taking a photographic portrait of local people of interest from in and around the area of Thame, Oxfordshire. An image from each portrait session will then go the Thame Hub website to accompany an interview that they have conducted with each person, while the ‘A portrait

A portrait of Thame…. Thame Music Academy2017-05-05T11:02:45+00:00

A Portrait Of The Thatch, Thame

Over the last few weeks, the Thame Hub website have been running a competition to find the best 'Big Breakfast' in Thame. When the winner was decided upon, I was asked to create a documentary portrait of the winners. So, here it is... the story of a photographic documentary portrait of The Thatch, Thame. The Thatch resides in a beautiful old building in the high street

A Portrait Of The Thatch, Thame2017-05-03T18:50:30+00:00

Introducing the Signature style

As a professional photographer I am always reviewing my work and thinking of new ideas. A couple of months ago I started on a mission to try injecting some big bold colour into my portraits. The image you see above is the result of the hard work and experimentation that took place. So here it is, this Spring I am Introducing the Signature style. White

Introducing the Signature style2016-11-13T12:14:37+00:00

A girl and her dog

This young girl and her dog came in to our Thame studio for a portrait experience recently. I think the images show exactly how much love she has for her dog. What a wonderful image to display on the walls of the family home. If you'd like to record the love for your dog and have your own portrait experience, then simply contact us here.

A girl and her dog2017-05-05T11:05:37+00:00

Recent Family Session

A couple of weeks ago this awesome family came into the studio for their first portrait experience.   The children brought so much to the session. Knights costumes, shields and swords as well as superhero costumes (Spiderman & Iron Man to be precise).   Mum and Dad were pretty awesome too and knew exactly what they wanted. Number one on the list was a nice

Recent Family Session2015-10-09T19:10:48+00:00

Take your own Back to School Photos

Better Back to School Photos in 5 Easy Steps You’ve no doubt spent ages trawling around the shops getting the uniform ready. The shoes are polished and everything is ready for that day the children are back to school. So here are a couple of tips to help you get the best possible photo of your child to look back on in years to come.

Take your own Back to School Photos2016-09-01T07:57:51+00:00