As a professional photographer I am always reviewing my work and thinking of new ideas. A couple of months ago I started on a mission to try injecting some big bold colour into my portraits. The image you see above is the result of the hard work and experimentation that took place. So here it is, this Spring I am Introducing the Signature style.

White Backgrounds

White backgrounds have been all the rage for many years now and they continue to be popular. They are where I started in professional portrait photography and are not as easy to achieve as they appear. Most people who come to me for a portrait ask for images with the classic white background and I am more than happy to oblige. White backgrounds are clean, crisp and never distract from the subject. The images will fit into any and every home and are pleasing to look at for many years to come.

However, white isn’t the only option and this is why we are introducing the Signature style by injecting some colour to into our backgrounds.

Introducing the Signature style

The process of crafting a Signature style image begins with a choice of colour. During the experimentation process I tried multiple colours and some worked better than others. Pink, purple and turquoise work really well and have the impact that makes the image ‘pop’ off the print. Once the colour has been decided upon, it then comes to creating the image. Head and shoulder images are the most effective, they concentrate the eye on the face without distraction.

Once the images have been created in the studio, the creative process moves to the editing suite. It is here that the images are transformed into the amazing works of art you see above. I painstakingly edit each image to make it look it’s absolute best and work to accentuate the features. My recommendation is to always have the Signature style images printed on the high-gloss Executive range. The overall finished effect really brings the image to life with the Wow factor and is going to look awesome on your wall.

Have a look behind the scenes of creating one of these awesome images below .


In conclusion, I will always continue to offer images with white backgrounds, however, I would love to craft you an awesome Signature style image on your next visit to our studio. So, book your portrait experience now.