If you’ve found this post the chances are that you are looking for a professional dog portrait experience. If so, read on to find out why you should choose us and what a Mark Hewitson Photography dog portrait experience involves.

Your Dog is truly a member of your family and while most people fill their homes with images of their children, parents, cousins and even close family friends, only a few select dog owners have professional photography of their canines on their walls. With professional dog photography in Oxfordshire from Mark Hewitson Photography, you can get affordable award winning images of your dogs that can take pride of place hanging on the walls of your home.

Mark Hewitson Photography are specialists in professional dog portrait photography and we have successfully photographed in a variety of locations. Whether you are interested in getting photos of your dogs outside or creating a studio session with a quality background and lighting, Mark Hewitson Photography dog portraits remain one of the best in the business.

Dog photographed on a grey background, photographed by Mark Hewitson Photography of Thame, Oxfordshire

With our years of experience working with many different breeds and temperaments we are willing to put in the time to ensure that we achieve the result you are looking for. Working with dogs to create the ultimate portrait requires a different skillset than working with people and through our patience and experience we can achieve some awesome images of your dog. We have a philosophy that there is no image in the world that is worth a stressed dog, so if during the session your dog appears to become distressed, we will happily give them a break so they can calm down before we continue.

Over the years we have photographed many different dogs and in many different stages of their lives. Whether you are interested in images of your older dog, a puppy or several different dogs that you own all together, we can create images that you will be proud to display on the walls of your home as well as provide you with a range of beautiful wall framing options to ensure that your images stand out as the unique piece of artwork that they are.

The Experience:
A Mark Hewitson Photography portrait experience often takes place at our studio set in the heart of the stunning Oxfordshire countryside. Here we have the facility to not only take images in the studio but also to take images out and about our grounds, ensuring that we can provide you with a wide variety of images of your best friend. Alternatively, if you have a favourite location in mind we can come to you to create your ultimate image. Contact us for a price for our location service.
At the end of the experience we will arrange a time for you to return to our studio to view your images and it is here that you are able to purchase as many images as you like. We do not tie you into packages, forcing you to buy images you don’t want, instead we simply present you your stunning images and a range of beautiful options for displaying them. As a professional portrait photographer, we pride ourselves on providing high quality images you’ll want to display and show off, not images that will be left languishing in a drawer. Therefore we will never sell loose prints or digital images.

So, if you are someone who treats your dog just like any other member of the family then a Mark Hewitson Photography dog portrait experience should be your next logical step. We could help to showcase a special memory or preserve for posterity the way your dog looks as a puppy or as they advance in years. With our professional experience let us capture their temperament and their personality in some unique images that you can enjoy for a lifetime!

View more images from our dog portrait experiences here and then contact Mark Hewitson Photography in Oxfordshire on 01844 278015 or via the contact form at this link today for your professional dog portrait photography experience.