Meet Spot – Jack Russell Terrier

Spot is a fun, loving Jack Russell Terrier and came to our pet photography studios as a result of the 30 dogs in 30 days challenge, were we helped to raise money for Hearing Dogs for Deaf People. We had such a great time inside the studio, and outside, just look at this fantastic shot of Spot.

Spot photoshoot

Our Approach

We started by letting Spot get acclimatised to his new surroundings before attempting to take any images. We started off by getting Spot to strike a variety of poses on the white background in the studio. This he did perfectly, once he had been bribed with a few tasty treats. Us humans however soon found that once the treats were no longer on offer Spot had other ideas about what was best…

Once Spot’s portraits had been taken on the white background, we changed and took some images on grey and some on black too. We then got loaded up in the car and ventured to the nearby windmill, our favourite local landmark. This gives us a completely different look to the images and provided Spot’s Mum a varied choice of images when it came to the viewing.

What we loved about this Photoshoot

It was lovely to see how at home Spot seemed outside, running through the grass, sniffing everything and anything, and barking at anything that moved. When we got the camera out it was as though he had done it all before, being the playful dog he always is, just in-front on the camera instead!

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