Strike a pose! Choosing the perfect props for your puppy portrait session

Puppies grow up so quickly. In the wag of a tail they double in size and while you will love them at every stage of their life, the playful puppy phase is a particularly lovely one to capture in photos.

When doing portraits for puppies, one way I like to show off their playful side while also bringing scale into the photos is by using props. Props are great to use in puppy photoshoots not only because they are comforting for your pup, but also because they help to show just how small they are.

Here are some of my favourite props that make for fun photography sessions with naughty, sweet or simply adorable puppies!

Puppy portrait props

Puppy photoshoot prop #1: Their favourite (or first) toy

Puppies love to play and most puppies will have a favourite toy they keep coming back to. Favourite toys make an excellent prop for our pet photography session because they’ll have fun playing with it during the session, and (assuming it survives the teething phase!) it will remain a beloved toy that you can look back on in their puppy photos. But it’s best to make sure they’re clean for when you bring them on the big day!

Puppy photoshoot prop #2: A Chair

Chairs are great photo props to bring scale to your puppy photographs and they also have the added benefit of reducing the amount of space in which your puppy has to wriggle around. Putting a puppy safely on a chair gives us a better chance of capturing a photo you will love before they can run off!

Puppy portrait props

Puppy photoshoot prop #3: Bubbles!

Lots of puppies are fascinated by bubbles! Using them in my studio is normally a sure-fire way of capturing some great action shots of puppies leaping, snapping and joyfully playing as the bubbles dance around them.

Puppy portrait props

Puppy photoshoot prop #4: Shoes

Shoes make a fantastic dog photography prop, especially with very small puppies. Puppies love the way your shoes smell and so using shoes makes for some fun and lively photos that capture their cheeky antics. But be warned, every dog owner has a story about how their favourite shoes met an untimely end at the hands of a puppy so perhaps don’t use your favourite pair!

Puppy photoshoot prop #5: A bow tie

A bow tie can make any dog look polished and dashing and, on a puppy, they look particularly sweet. Bow ties come in all shapes and sizes and so whether your pup’s personality suits a traditional tweed or jaunty bit of colour you’ll be sure to find one that suits. For advice about choosing a bow tie for your pet portrait session, read my recent blog ‘How a Bow Tie Completes Your Dog’s Look’.

Puppy photoshoot prop #6: A cosy blanket

Finally, something as simple as a cosy blanket can be the perfect accessory for your puppy photoshoot. Whether we use it to wrap them up in a warm bundle or lay it down and wait for them to snuggle down for a nap, we’ll be sure to capture some heart-melting photos in the process.

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So, that’s it for my favourite puppy photo props and I hope I have given you some inspiration. Whether you’re eagerly waiting to pick your puppy up or already have them at home, let’s make memories together with a fun and stress-free portrait session that your pup will enjoy as much as you do!

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