All pets deserve to shine!

Why bunnies, cats, reptiles and even opossums deserve some time in the spotlight

While I’m mostly found photographing dogs, recently, I photographed a beloved pet opossum and it got me thinking about all the pets out there that deserve some time in the spotlight. Whether it’s a rabbit, cat, snake, gecko, ferret, opossum or something else that has a special place in your home, they deserve to be celebrated!

Let me tell you why I love photographing all types of pets…

Every pet is unique

Your pet is your companion and while some are able to express their personalities better than others, as their human, you’re uniquely attuned to their quirks, moods, likes and dislikes. You have a special bond where they understand you and you understand them. And it’s these unique quirks, looks and moods that I try my hardest to capture in my pet portrait sessions so that you will always have a treasured piece of art to admire while they’re here, and amazing memories when they’re not.

Every pet is beautiful

While dogs are adored for their loving and loyal nature, there’s a lot of beauty in other pets that’s amazing to capture on camera!

Cats were made to be photographed! Any cat owner will tell you that their camera roll is dominated by pictures of their cat squeezing into unusual places, sleeping at funny angles, or doing things they probably shouldn’t be… And while you should never stop taking these photos, in my studio, we create photographic artwork that will make it off your phone to grace your walls and be treasured forever.

And capturing more unusual pets is something I love to do too! Reptiles for example, have the most incredible skin and eyes. They have been evolving on this planet for hundreds of millions of years and in that time, they’ve developed armour-like scales that not only form an intricate pattern but can reflect light and show colour in unusual ways. A lizard’s cone shaped eyes or a snake’s slitted ones hold incredible colours and patterns that should be properly photographed and immortalised forever.

Rabbits and bunnies too can make excellent photography subjects! With ear-resistible ears, rounds bodies and fluffy faces, they’re lovely to photograph, especially against brightly coloured backgrounds.

And more unusual still I can see why people adore their ferrets and opossums! Photographing my first opossum just recently, his docile nature and impressive intelligence made him a joy to have in my studio.

Pets - Bunnies

All pets are welcome

Perhaps you have another type of pet that I haven’t mentioned? Whether it’s a chinchilla, hedgehog, tarantula, capybara, or giant snail, I love a challenge and all are welcome in my pet photography studio in Thame. With over a decade of experience working with animals of all shapes, sizes and personalities, I guarantee you’ll love your images.

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