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A portrait of Thame… Thame Tennis Club

Thame Tennis Club is tucked away down a little back lane just off of Queens Road and it forms the basis of this weeks behind the scenes on A portrait of Thame... Thame Tennis Club. Read the Thame Hub article that accompanies this piece here. Thame Tennis Club are a pleasant little club with a healthy membership, serving people with a much better fitness level

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A portrait of Thame… The Deli at No 5

Welcome to the next in the series 'A portrait of Thame...' where this time we feature The Deli at No 5, a recently opened artisan food shop in the heart of Thame town centre. The Deli at No 5 is situated on Buttermarket in Thame and I'll admit to having not discovered them prior to going to take the images as a part of the

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A portrait of Thame… What’s Cooking

Welcome to another in the series of A Portrait of Thame where this time I had the pleasure of taking some beautiful portraits of Sally, the director of What's Cooking in Thame High Street. I've walked past What's Cooking many times over the last few months on my visits to the town, but yet I had never actually ventured inside. So, whilst I knew that What's Cooking,

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Why you need a new headshot in 2017

It’s a new year and in business that means new clients. Clients who are seeking you out, ready to do business and looking to spend money. So, read on to find out why you need a new headshot in 2017. In the modern day, when people are looking to spend money, often the first thing they do is visit the website of the person that

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The other side of the lens

When I decided that I was going to redesign my website, I also decided that I needed to get a new professional business headshot for the 'About Mark' page. The problem was that a selfie on my phone just wasn't going to cut it. I also debated about setting the camera up on a tripod and setting the self timer, before running around into the shot,

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