Old dogs rule! Why you should take photos of them in their twilight years

If there’s one thing I love, its photographing older dogs.

Dogs lives are written on their faces which build character as their years tick on. They’ve had a lifetime of digging, barking, eating, licking, loving, and being loved. They have provided comfort, frustration, and have been a loyal friend and companion through it all.

The lumps, bumps, grey muzzle, missing teeth, and cloudy eyes are all signs of getting older and of a life well lived and well loved.

If you have an elderly dog, you get it. Their soulful eyes fill with appreciation for the little things and their gentle demeanour is hard not to dote on. They’ve been with you for years and are a part of your family. You know their personality and quirks, and they know yours. It’s a unique relationship that you wouldn’t trade for anything.

Having photos of your beloved companion in their twilight years is something you will cherish long after they’ve gone.

So, why not give your old boy or girl a treat and book a dog portrait session with me.

old dog photography

What happens at an elderly dog photography session?

While dog photography sessions don’t differ hugely between elderly and young dogs, there are some things we prioritise when photographing older dogs:

  1. Being patient – elderly dogs often need more time to rest or may not be in the mood to be photographed and that’s fine. We’re willing to wait and make sure to take lots of candid photos in between the shots we’re trying to get – they often turn out to be the best ones anyway!
  1. Making sure they’re comfortable – It’s often a good idea to bring a favourite blanket or pillow with you to make sure you dog feels comfortable while in the studio.
  1. Celebrating what they love – Senior dogs don’t tend to spend as much time playing or running around as young ones do. Instead, they often gravitate towards a favourite sun spot, a preferred cushion or comforting toy. If any of the things they love can be brought to the studio, we encourage it so we can capture them in the way you will remember them.
  1. Capturing their aging beauty – There is beauty in your dog’s aging body. It’s a sign of a life well lived and well loved. After all, not every dog has the good fortune to grow old in a loving home like yours and that’s something worth celebrating. Lumps, bumps, cloudy eyes, grey faces, missing patches of fur, we capture it all, seeing each as its own time-honoured badge of constancy and companionship awarded only to those who have walked alongside us through life’s ups and downs.
  1. Using bribery! – And finally, we’re not above using bribery. Older dogs can be a bit grumpy and cantankerous, as is their prerogative. They can also lose some sight or hearing which is why we’ll often use treats to bribe or focus attention. I recommend bringing a variety of their favourite treats in case your dog is feeling picky on the day.

Book your older dogs photography session today

All of my dog photoshoots are tailored to the individual dog. We make it a special experience that you and your dog will enjoy, and afterwards, you’ll have some very special photos to hold on to for a lifetime.